• Andrew Mayo

    People Strategy, People Metrics, Performance, Talent Management, Managing Change

  • Annie Brooking

    Strategic Product Marketing Expert

  • Anton Musgrave

    Business Strategy, Public Speaking

  • Camilla Krebsbach-Gnath

    Leadership, Change, Organisational Learning Issues

  • Carol Daniels

    Leadership Development, Organisational Change

  • Charles Jennings

    Performance Improvement, Change Management, Learning

  • Christina Kuenzle

    Leadership, Career Managment, New Businesses, Change

  • David Durkin

    Leadership Development, Organisational Change, Performance Management, Leadership, Coaching

  • David Rock

    Leadership Development, Talent, Performance Improvement, Change Culture

  • Derek Miers

    Industry Analyst and Technology Strategist

  • Dr. Chris Lonsdale

    Procurement and Operations Management

  • Dr. James Bellini

    Social, Economic and Technological Trends

  • Dr. Jan Dauman

    Corporate & Business strategy, Market Entry, Government Relations, Strategic Alliances

  • Dr. Lip Chai Seet

    Independent Consultant in Entrepreneurship and Management

  • Dr. Michel Vetsuypens

    Corporate Finance, International Finance

  • Elizabeth Lank

    Leadership Development

  • Frank Dick OBE

    International Speaker, Corporate Coaching Consultant

  • Helen Beesley

    Talent Management, 360 Feedback, Succession Planning, Performance Management

  • Ignatius Lee

    Training Development

  • Jean Vanhoegaerden

    Organisational Change, Cross Cultural Management, Globalisation

  • John Berry

    Director Customer Buyology Ltd, Mentoring and Coaching

  • Juanita Cockton

    Designs and Implements Marketing, Management, Change Programmes

  • Juliet Erikson

    Communication Specialist

  • Lynette Eastman

    Talent Management and Change

  • Mark Jenner

    Organisational Development, Coaching, Change and Talent Management

  • Michael Robson

    Innovation and Strategy Implementation

  • Mike Maffucci

    Coaching, Leadership development, 360, Psychometrics

  • Morgan Chambers

    Organisational Development, HR Development

  • Nick Holley

    Organisational Change, Leadership Development, Performance Management

  • Peter Cochrane

    Entrepreneur, Business and Engineering Advisor

  • Piero Morosini

    Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker and Author

  • Professor Allan Filipowicz

    Organisational Behaviour

  • Professor Andy Neely

    Operations Strategy and Performance

  • Professor Anirudh Dhebar

    Marketing Management, Marketing High-Technology Products, Pricing

  • Professor Ben Bryant

    Leadership and Organisation

  • Professor Brian Hall

    Organisational Strategy, Performance Management, Incentive Systems

  • Professor Charles O'Reilly

    Leadership, Organisational Change, Demography

  • Professor Costas Markides

    Strategic and International Management

  • Professor David Bell

    Managerial Economics, Risk Management, Retailing, Agribusiness

  • Professor David Miles


  • Professor Declan Fitzsimons

    Leadership Development, Organisational Development

  • Professor Domonic Houlder

    Strategic and International Management

  • Professor Donald Lessard

    International Management

  • Professor Eddie Obeng

    Strategy Implementation, Change Management, Business Process-Re-Engineering

  • Professor Fariboz Ghada

    Business Trends, Global Economic Assessment, International Finance and Banking.

  • Professor Francis Bidault

    Industry Analysis, Management of Alliances, Management of Innovation

  • Professor Gareth Jones

    Organisational Design, Culture, Leadership, Change

  • Professor George Kohlrieser

    Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

  • Professor George Yip

    Global Strategy and Marketing, Managing Global Customers, Internationalisation

  • Professor Gordon Hewitt

    Competitive Strategy

  • Professor Ikujiro Nonaka

    Knowledge Management

  • Professor Ingo Walter

    International Trade Policy, International Banking, Environmental Economics

  • Professor Jaideep Prabhu

    International Business and Enterprise

  • Professor James Bailey

    Leadership, Conflict Management, Skill Development, Organisational Change

  • Professor Jean-François Manzoni

    Leadership, Change Management, Organisational Development

  • Professor Jeffrey L. Sampler


  • Professor John Bates

    Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Risk Taking

  • Professor John Elkington

    Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development

  • Professor José de la Torre

    Business Strategy

  • Professor José L. Nueno

    Globalization, Marketing of Consumer and Luxury Goods, Relationship Marketing

  • Professor Jules Goddard

    Business Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Corporate Transformation

  • Professor Kazuo Ichijo

    Management of Innovation, Leadership and Corporate Transformation

  • Professor Keith Freeman


  • Professor Laurence Lyons

    Organisational Transformation

  • Professor Lynda Gratton

    Organisational Behaviour

  • Professor Mark Maltez

    Leadership Development, Organisational Transformation

  • Professor Mel Horwitch

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

  • Professor Michael Cusumano

    Strategy, Product Development, Entrepreneurship

  • Professor Michael Jocobides

    Strategic Innovation, Integrating Strategy into everyday work

  • Professor Niall Lothian

    Accounting and Control

  • Professor Patrick Barwise

    Brands, Advertising, Customer Focus, Media Trends, Broadcasting Policy

  • Professor Peter Hines

    Development of Strategy, Operational Improvement

  • Professor Pierre Casse

    Organisational Behaviour, Global Market and Cultural Differences, Strategic Leadership

  • Professor Prabhu Guptara

    Organisational Development

  • Professor Ranjay Gulati

    Organisational Behaviour

  • Professor Richard Jolly

    Organisational Behaviour

  • Professor Rob Goffee

    Entrepreneurship, Managerial Careers, Organisation Design, Leadership, Corporate Culture

  • Professor Soumitra Dutta

    Business Innovation and the Internet

  • Professor Steve Mostyn

    Coach and Advisor in Leadership

  • Professor Theo Compernolle

    Emotional and Relational aspects of Leadership during times of Stress and Change

  • Professor Thomas Lawton

    Strategic Management, Leadership Development

  • Professor Thomas Sherman

    Change, Innovation, Performance Development, Career & Personal Development

  • Professor Vijay Govindarajan

    Strategy and Innovation Specialist

  • Professor Yasar Jarrar

    Performance Management and Improvement in the Private & Public Sectors

  • Professor Yoko Ishikura

    Global Strategy, Problem Solving, Competitiveness, Innovation, Knowledge Management

  • Professor Yves Doz

    Strategic Management

  • Richard Hytner

    Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Robin Bloor

    Database, Development Tools, System Management, IT Security, Hardware Technology

  • Sir Richard Needham

    Turnarounds, Risk Taking and Innovation

  • Wolfgang Grulke

    Business Change, Global Competitiveness

  • Yoshiharu Matsui

    Training and Management

  • Swee Heng Tan


  • Elizabeth Coffey