Wolfgang Grulke

Wolfgang Grulke

Business Change, Global Competitiveness

Wolfgang Grulke is an author and futurist, and Chairman Emeritus of FutureWorld International Limited, the global business and technology think tank. He is widely recognised as one of the world’s top futurists and as a powerful speaker on the future context for business and the impact that technologies are fundamentally changing the way we will live, work and compete. He has addressed audiences in more than 20 countries, in person, on radio and on television.

Wolfgang is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School and teaches regularly on the School’s flagship Senior Executive Programme. He also works with Duke CE and Oxford University’s Said Business School.

He has had significant personal experience with inspiring and executing radical business change and global competitiveness. His books document some of that work. In FutureWorld he has developed an extensive global network of ‘gurus’ and associates who continue to work on addressing client needs in this field. As he says in one of his books: “It is no longer enough to learn from experience – in this warp-speed world, it has become essential to learn from the future!”

A former IBM executive, he worked internationally with IBM for more than 25 years and was awarded the prestigious IBM Outstanding Innovation Award. Wolfgang has worked in all aspects of business from strategic development, education and brand management to marketing, sales and executive management. He has personally worked with more than 100 global corporations and start-up companies, advising and helping to position them for the new world economy.

He has a special interest in marine biology and palaeontology which has developed into an active research and professional role and regularly takes him to some of the world’s most remote locations.

Wolfgang’s best-selling books “Ten Lessons from the Future” and “Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out-of-the-box straight to the bottom line” are published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall world-wide and are also available in Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. His article ‘In Search of Simplicity’ won the NACCA award for the best business article of the year. Additionally, ‘From Value Chain to Marketspace’ was awarded the AFSM International Writing Award for Professional Writers and Consultants in Boston.