Professor Theo Compernolle

Professor Theo Compernolle

Emotional and Relational aspects of Leadership during times of Stress and Change

Dr Theo Compernolle is an independent consultant, coach, trainer and key-note speaker. He teaches or coaches in the executive programs of business schools such as at INSEAD (France), the Vlerick Leuven Ghent School for Management of the universities of Gent and Leuven in Belgium and the TIAS business school in Tilburg (Netherlands).

As a medical doctor, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist, he has been doing research on stress since 1976. He became an expert on the emotional and relational aspects of leadership and the enhancement of resilience of executives, executive teams and organisations, especially in times of stress and change.

He is the former Suez Chair in Leadership and Personal Development at the Solvay Business School, Adjunct Professor at large at INSEAD, Visiting Professor at the Vlerick School for Management and Professor at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Individually, as an expert on the emotional and relational aspects of leadership, he intervenes in the following areas:

enhancing the resilience of individual executives: individual coaching, group coaching or workshops

enhancing the resilience of executive teams, management teams and boards: team coaching

enhancing the resilience of organizations: strategy focused stress management

prevention and management of conflict and dysfunction at the top

prevention and management of relational and emotional problems during times of change: mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations

prevention and management of relational and emotional problems in family businesses: among others during transitions from one generation to the other.

Help and advice for the assessment (Personality Audit) and the in boarding of executives en CEO’s.

He consulted, taught (in English, Dutch and French) and coached executives and entrepreneurs on these subjects in a wide range of (multi)national companies, service professional firms, teaching and training institutions. He developed a unique, efficient approach to stress-management, taking stress management out of the hands of consultants/helping professionals and putting in the hands of the only people who can realise its impressive Return on Investment: those of managers.

Theo published several books (two best sellers) and more than a hundred scientific articles. His book “STRESS: FRIEND AND FOE. Vital Stress Management at work and in the family” became a management best-seller and long-seller and so did the videos/DVD’s based on it. He recently published “How to be successful as a family with a business”(in Dutch).

He earned a Ph.D. on his stress-research at the University of Amsterdam. He is certified as a psychotherapist and as medical specialist in neuropsychiatry, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. He specialised 1 year at the University of Amsterdam, 3 years at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) and 2 years at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a fellow. He graduated as a Medical Doctor at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).