Professor Michael Jocobides

Professor Michael Jocobides

Strategic Innovation, Integrating Strategy into everyday work

Michael Jacobides holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at London Business School, where he is also an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He’s involved in the Advanced Institute for Management Research as Sumantra Ghoshal Fellow. Before that, he was on the faculties of Harvard Business School and the Wharton School (U. of Penn) and taught at the joint Columbia Business School / LBS Global Executive MBA.

At LBS, Michael is responsible for teaching the subject of Turnarounds (see my syllabus on Managing Corporate Turnarounds), and also teaches strategy and innovation to executive audiences (such as the Developing Strategy for Value Creation programme) and has been involved with several of the senior degree and executive programmes in the past (Sloan Fellows, EMBA Global, Senior Executive Programme), as well as custom-made executive education.

Executive development is a key part of Michael’s work. He facilitates meetings and consults to senior executives or board level for clients such as Banco Intesa San Paolo, Zurich London, Finland’s YLE, KPMG (DK), TV2, Orange and RICS. He often gives talks at major corporate or industry events, and helps business people in areas such as strategic innovation, integrating strategy into everyday work, analysing the business environment and understanding resources.He also teaches the Global Fellows at the World Economic Forum, and is involved in its New Financial Architectures project, as well as various projects with major firms such as Vodafone, PwC and Roche.

At present, Michael’s research looks at how industries, business models, and organisational boundaries change over time: the new strategic dynamics of changing “industry architectures”. He considers how technology, competition and deregulation can reshape sectors, changing “who does what” (roles) and, as a result, “who takes what” (profits or sector dominance). He aims to help firms write new “playscripts”, reshaping their strategies and rethinking their sector.

For instance, he studied how the mortgage banking sector dis-integrated and how securitisation emerged, and how sectors such as media, telecom and computers are changing, re-shaping the landscape for all involved. Michael also studies change, in the context of both successful and troubled firms.

Michael is also interested in the policy challenges that changes in industry architecture entail. Specifically, he considers why the current financial crisis came about, with the nature of the financial services sector changing without anyone noticing, and what we should do about it.

Through his research, Michael tries to help executives navigate a changing environment by helping them craft their strategy. His research was recognised by the Sloan Foundations’ Inaugural Prize for Industry Studies.

Michael began his career by studying economics, strategy and organisation at the Universities of Athens, Cambridge, Stanford, and at the Wharton School where he received his MA and PhD. Before rejoining academe, he was a strategist (with Sanofi Pharma and Titan Cement) and a consultant (with Ernst & Young in Paris and Guildhall Ltd in London).

In addition to his post at LBS, he has several other affiliations. He is a Senior Fellow at Wharton’s Financial Institutions Centre. He has been a Professeur Invité at the University of Paris, a Distinguished Scholar at Singapore Management University, as well as a NATO Science Fellow and a Leverhulme Trust Principal Investigator, and has given talks to most leading business schools in Europe, the US and Asia.

Michael’s work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Strategic Management Journal, Organisation Science, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal and Industrial and Corporate Change, where he is an Associate Editor. He has written for the Financial Times and his work is used by analysts and regulators, reported by publications such as “The Banker” and “Strategy & Business”. He has delivered keynote addresses for firms such as Winterthur / Credit Suisse, PwC, ISP, McKinsey& Co or Finmeccanica; industry associations such as ARMA, British Bankers Association, the Institute of Turnarounds, and the MBAA; and NGOs such as the UN/UNCTAD.