Professor Jeffrey L. Sampler

Professor Jeffrey L. Sampler


Jeffrey L. Sampler is a genius at helping companies prepare strategically for the future—when the future is inherently too uncertain to plan for. He’s an expert on: the role of technology in designing organisations and business models, how business models endure through innovations and market changes, and managing information as a strategic resource for growth and innovation.

Translating ideas into action: Jeff is extremely good at tailoring his presentation to his audience’s situation and giving them concrete ideas that they can translate real competitive advantage.

Educated in the U.S., Jeff has very strong international credentials. His knowledge of Europe, the UK and India is especially deep. He has special expertise in outsourcing, especially in India.

Jeffrey Sampler is Fellow in Management of Strategy and Technology, Templeton College–Said Business School, University of Oxford, England. He is the author of Sand to Silicon: Achieving Rapid Growth–Lessons from Dubai and is currently working on a book on extreme competition.

Jeff is a fine presenter with a great sense of humour and a highly effective interactive teaching style. He’s articulate, enthusiastic and facilitative. He has a probing, even challenging style that makes links between trends across disciplines and sectors. He has described his blend of humour and substantive content as “business Seinfeld.”

Whereas most strategic thinkers try to anticipate a likely future, Jeff recognises that crystal balls don’t work very often. Instead, he helps companies develop business models that can respond flexibly to whatever direction the future takes. Likewise, unexpected developments in technology often make strategies based on a firm’s core competencies irrelevant.

Thus Jeff helps organisations develop their strategic core incompetencies, as well—things they don’t do well but will likely need in the future.

Jeff was the former director for the Executive Education Programme on Strategic Planning for Senior Management, Daimler Benz. He was also former Research Scientist, Centre for Information Systems Reaseach, MIT. He has also lead Executive Education programmes for 3M, British Aerospace, Barclay’s Bank, ABN Amro and others.