Professor James Bailey

Professor James Bailey

Leadership, Conflict Management, Skill Development, Organisational Change

James R. Bailey is the Tucker Professor of Leadership and Director of Executive Development Programmes at GWSB. He is also a Fellow at the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School, and Research Faculty in the Centre for the Study of Learning at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, GWU.

Dr. Bailey was named one of the top ten executive educators worldwide by the International Council for Executive Leadership Development in 2006, was the EMBA Educator of the Year in 2005 and Undergraduate Educator of the Year in 2003 at GWSB, and Professor of the Year for three consecutive years (1993-1995) at Rutgers. In 1995 he received the David L. Bradford Distinguished Educator Award, a national distinction bestowed by the Organisational Behaviour Teaching Society and the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. As faculty in the Psychology Department at Washington University he was given the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

His scholarship on managerial and executive development has appeared in such outlets as Organisation Science, Human Performance, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, Journal of Management Education, Educational and Psychological Measurements and Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisations. He is the co-editor of the International Encyclopedia of Organisational Studies and the Handbook of Managerial and Organisational Wisdom (which received the 2006 Most Promising Management Book Award from the European Academy of Management), and has published over 50 papers, book chapters, reviews and case studies, and presented over 50 papers at academic conferences. He serves in an editorial capacity for several major scholarly journals, and is editor of the Academy of Management Learning & Education.

Professor Bailey has worked extensively as an executive educator, consultant or coach on issues relating to leadership, conflict management, skill development, and organisational change. Firms that he has been involved with include the United Bank of Switzerland, Morgan Stanley and Nestle. He co-authored successful grants from Lucent Technologies to examine the efficacy of their Learning and Performance Centre, and General Electric to establish a Learning Excellence Project at Rutgers. He has appeared as a management authority on broadcast programmes such as the BBC, and has been cited in many newspaper and magazine articles, including Fortune and Forbes.