Professor Ben Bryant

Professor Ben Bryant

Leadership and Organisation

Ben Bryant is Professor of Leadership and Organisation at IMD.

Prior to going to IMD, he was a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at London Business School where he was also Director of the flagship in-company development programme for senior executives, the Global Business Consortium.

Professor Bryant is a highly effective teacher, facilitator and speaker. He has presented his most recent research at many of the leading academic institutions and is a regular speaker at management and professional conferences around the world.

Professor Ben Bryant has several areas of interest such as focusing on strategy execution and strategic change and how executives shape and implement strategies in complex organisations. His most recent work focuses on the process of strategy execution as conversations.

Another area of interest is to focus on culture, beliefs and values in large organisations. Ben Bryant is passionate about helping managers to reduce boundaries created by functional silos and national borders. His recent model of innovation culture has been used to guide several organisations to create more innovative climates and to generate new sources of value creation.

Professor Bryant is also interested in facilitating leadership effectiveness. He draws on a range of individual and organisational interventions to challenge leaders in shaping and implementing an organisation’s strategy and impacting its culture. His current research focuses on the reflective capabilities and the “mindfulness” of leaders.

Professor Ben Bryant also has extensive experience in the facilitation of senior executive development programmes. He has designed, directed and delivered programmes in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia for groups of senior executives from companies such as Oracle, Mars, British Telecom, Emirates Airlines, Standard Chartered Bank, SKF and RWE, Ericsson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Zurich Financial Services. He is also the co-recipient of the innovation in teaching award at London Business School.

He is the author of numerous publications in the mentioned fields. His most recent articles include: ‘Leading for the Future: how we can prepare the next generation’ (2010) and ‘Cross Cultural Leadership: how to run operations in markets we don’t understand’ (2010).