Professor Anirudh Dhebar

Professor Anirudh Dhebar

Marketing Management, Marketing High-Technology Products, Pricing

Anirudh Dhebar is Professor of Marketing at Babson College, where he teaches courses in Marketing Management, Marketing High-Technology Products, and Pricing in the Information Industries. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of Molex Incorporated, a leading global provider of electronic, electrical, and fibre-optic interconnect products. Prior to joining the faculty at Babson, Anirudh was on the faculty at the Harvard Business School (1983-1995) and a Visiting Professor of Marketing at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1995-1997), where he received the 1995-96 “Excellence in Teaching” award. At Babson, Anirudh has been awarded the Thomas Kennedy Award for Teaching Excellence at the graduate level for two consecutive years (2002-2003 and 2003-2004).

Anirudh is a highly experienced and effective educator and facilitator in strategy-, change-, and learning-oriented executive-development programmes, workshops, and other forums, and he teaches and consults on marketing, technology, and product strategy at companies in the information industries (computers, communications, consumer electronics, and the media) and the financial services sector. Anirudh has been faculty director for Babson’s custom executive programmes for IBM, Genuity, Ericsson, Ingersoll-Rand, Biomedical Marketing Association, Telenor Corporation, and Osram-Sylvania; additionally, he has taught in programs for Siemens, SAP, Intel, EMC, Infineon, Lucent, Fidelity, MetLife, and Estée-Lauder. Separately, he has taught in telecommunications industry focused programme at INSEAD, France, and he conducts workshops on International Marketing at the Technion Institute of Management in Israel.

An inveterate student of the dynamic interplay between technology, product policy, and marketing strategy, Anirudh has written numerous professional articles and case studies on the subject. Issues such as market-focused technology and product strategy, change, and leadership are central to his inquiry, which focuses not only on the individual product but also on the people, business units, and firms supplying the product, the customers using it, and the overall market environment and social milieu in which the dynamics are set.

Anirudh, who holds a BS in electrical engineering and an MBA, obtained his PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University. He has published many Harvard Business School case studies, and articles stemming from his research appear in Marketing Science, Journal of Product Innovation and Management, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Retailing, the European Management Journal, and, in the form of an op-ed piece, the New York Times. Anirudh is deeply committed to the philosophy that the successful educator must simultaneously tease the student’s mind and touch his or her soul, thus rekindling the joy of learning and the excitement of the child-student’s sandbox.