John Berry

John Berry

Director Customer Buyology Ltd, Mentoring and Coaching

John is the former Managing Director and Transformation Director at the retail bank Abbey National. In addition to running his own business John works as a mentor and coach. His business is focused on delivering increased profits through a forensic approach to understanding customer insights and delivering the necessary experience that differentiates performance.

John is an internationally known speaker on innovation and cultural change. His informal style, enthusiasm and focus on the end results have created success at all levels in the organisations he has worked with. He has an ability to empower people to change their behaviours and in particular he enjoys making change happen, particularly where initially there has been resistance.

He is renowned for raising performance particularly in the personal financial sector and creating innovation in a traditionally conservative environment. He has a tremendous track record of delivering Business Model Transformation and managing the resulting Change with particular emphasis on the Customer Experience.

A knowledgeable and very experienced individual John will help challenge existing approaches and methodologies to improve corporate performance. His knowledge of the market changes and the new world facing retail banks enable him to give added value to senior management teams wishing to differentiate their performance in a crowded marketplace.

John has had an extensive career in the personal banking sector and his roles included Sales Director, Marketing Director, Operations Director, European Director and finally Managing Director (retail).

Since retiring from Abbey at the end of 2003 John has worked throughout the world assisting retail banks improve their performance across all channels (experience has included Africa, South East Asia, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA, India and Pakistan as well as the UK). The list of brands he has worked with is impressive.

He has published work on retail bank performance and is a well recognised speaker at conferences in Europe, USA, Asia and the UK. In addition he is active in the training arena on all aspects of retail banking.