Annie Brooking

Annie Brooking

Strategic Product Marketing Expert

Annie Brooking is an experienced executive and non-executive Director, CEO and leader of academic, research teams, engineering teams and teams of marketers in high technology and software companies. A visionary, mentor to marketing professionals and creative analytic, with vast experience of business development, technology licensing working with both academics, business professionals and researchers.

Annie founded an Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory raising funding and running it for three years, after which she was recruited by Eric Schmidt (now Executive Chairman of Google) to Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley as a software strategist, later working at Symbolics Corp. in Boston as Director of Marketing.

Annie has been a CEO for over 20 years in the USA, UK and Iceland and has brought fifteen product lines to market to include computer hardware, software, imaging systems and medical devices.

Annie is an honorary research fellow at the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute and Partner Emeritus at ET Capital, a Cambridge, UK based venture capital company.

She has been an active participant in all of the EEC’s Framework Programmes and is an expert advisor to the European Commission on high technology issues.

Annie is an author and public speaker. She wrote the first book on Intellectual Capital, specifically to put in place a methodology for looking at the potential for, and value of, high technology companies and their assets with particular emphasis on intellectual property. Her second book, “Corporate Memory” deals with the ways we can manage knowledge in a knowledge-based economy.