Client Success Portfolio

A sampling of education initiatives developed by TLP:

Global Investment Bank

The partners of TLP created an Executive Briefing Series for senior analysts. These twenty interactive workshops were based on how new enterprise types impact traditional economic players. The purpose of these workshops was to challenge the strategic thinking of their top industry sector analysts in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, innovation, technology and globalisation.

Top Tier Computer Consultancy

Various partners of TLP conducted an organisational needs assessment and subsequently designed a three day Leadership and Strategy Programme for this firm’s top Vice Presidents. Programme delivery was staggered through their North American, European and Asian offices.

Automobile Manufacturer Corporate University

TLP created a Leadership Programme that comprised of five distinct modules: Value Based Management, Thinking Strategically, Challenging People To Top Performance, Leading Change and Knowledge Sharing. The programme was designed for the top level of middle management who were critical to implementation of the company’s business strategy. Subsequent to programme delivery in the host country, additional iterations were staged worldwide where the company has major operations.

European Country National Government

TLP worked at the ministerial level of a European country’s national government to design a two day Top Management Programme  for director level civil servants from the public, private and voluntary sectors. The programme was designed around mutually identified case studies in the areas of Pharmaceuticals in Europe, EU TV Film Policy, EU Trade Policy, and One Currency For Fifteen States.

Intensive Business Fundamentals (IBF) Program

TLP developed an Intensive Business Fundamentals Programme for companies to provide their young professionals with essential learning in the major disciplinary areas of an MBA programme, in a learning experience involving three weeks away from the firm rather than two years. This gave non-business majors an understanding of business fundamentals so they could move into more senior roles and enable their employer to retain high-potential managers and create a foundation for subsequent learning.

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