Our History

TLP: Our history

John Sanders: 1947-2011

In 1996 John Sanders formed a speaker's bureau in London called 'The Independent Speaker Bureau'. We are a client driven business, and as the company evolved John observed in 1998 that the company's clients needed a new approach to the executive education side of the business.

In 1998 John formed TLP with a group of leading business thought leaders and world-class academics from around the world. At this time most, if not all, the executive education for companies was being provided by the International Business School faculties. John believed that a better solution would be to offer companies the ability to choose a member of faculty from any Business School in the world who they felt was best suited to their specific educational requirement rather than being tied to just one Business school and its members of faculty.

Thus 'The Independent Speakers Bureau' was metamorphosed into 'TLP' (TLP) and the rest is history as TLP has gone on to become one of the leaders in this section of the market.

We believe in what we do, and to achieve our mission we work in an open, flexible and collaborative fashion with our clients. Our aim is to develop solutions that are aligned with each client’s business challenges, operating environment and organizational culture.

Therefore, we focus much of our energy on conducting a robust analysis that aims to gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s management challenges and leadership culture. The goal of this ‘diagnostic analysis’ is to ensure that we fully understand the organizational context and are capable of creating a learning environment that enhances the participant experience and maximises the value of the intervention to the client organisation.

The TLP value proposition is:

  • Academic excellence - We are owned by world leading business thought leaders and faculty. Our global network consists only of academic faculty and educators with a proven track record of working with executives.
  • Client focused - We strive to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ business challenges and organizational context to ensure that we match the best faculty to the strategic learning needs of the organisation.
  • Value driven - We design highly interactive and engaging programs as well as deliver top talent from leading Business Schools at an excellent value point.

The TLP team has extensive experience developing strategies, processes and programs to address organizational, management and leadership challenges for a broad spectrum of companies around the globe.

In addition, our ability to deliver educational solutions to organizational challenges is grounded in our collaborative and consultative approach. As indicated earlier, the first step in our approach is the diagnostic phase (see Tablet ‘our approach’), where we aim at gaining a deeper insight into our clients’ strategic priorities and operational challenges as well as becoming fluent in our clients’ culture and values.

We believe that a well structured and executed diagnostic phase ensures that the customized educational solutions that we provide:

  • are strategically and operationally aligned to our client organization
  • are targeted at the development issues with the ‘highest-impact’ on organizational success
  • employ methodologies that will work in the current cultural environment and challenge the intellectual and emotional capabilities of the participants

The TLP team also has a wealth of experience in building programs, developmental strategies and supporting processes that drive and accelerate OD issues deeper into the organization. Finally, our global network of leading business thought leaders, top-rated educators and world-class practitioners allows TLP to design and deliver customized educational solutions and organizational development strategies for clients in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.